Saturday, December 12, 2009

Theory of Weatherelativity...

...states that sequential days spent considerably below 32°F will condition the mind & body to believe that a subsequent windy, misty, 36° day suddenly seems like splendid conditions to go for a bicycle ride. 

Friday, December 11, 2009

Brushing up

Got some fun bicycle paintings in the works right now! Working with a few ladies that are starting up a mountain bike touring co. for women. The painting will become their logo & I thinks it's gonna be cool! Then another painting that's going in a shop down in Tucson AZ. Sketching some ideas for the next Bicycle Times cover and below is a sneeky peek at some inside art for the next issue of Dirt Rag. I wish I would have done this piece larger (now that I'm done), but when I look at the finished piece it still makes me smile real big. Success!

Gonna sit on the trainer tomorrow morning for 90 min. Yeah!!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

No train(er) / No gain

...but what a pain.
Finally got the trainer out for the first time and it was all the suck I remember it to be. Actually, it wasn't THAT bad but it's just boring. I bought the movie Tropic Thunder at the HyVee pre-used DVD $3.99 bin so that should give me a better 1.5 hr workout next time! Basically it comes down to two choices for winter riding: Deal with the excitement-level shrinkage & ride the trainer  indoors; or deal with the other shrinkage and go ride in the cold. 

Here's to a mild winter!!!