Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fear of Needles in Haystacks

I once found somebody's contact lens in the gravel parking lot of the old high school. Another time, found a tiny eyeglasses screw dropped in the grass that somebody was looking for. I think it has to do with my ability to see detailed pictures in my head - and as I scan an area I can align the mental image transparency with the actual thing - so it stands out. Kinda like 3D movie glasses. Annette says it's a gift. I say it's a curse.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Almost Full

It appears I've gotten my fill of this blogging thing. Somewhere I read most blogs never see their 100th post and mine, also, may very well become a statistic.

Meanwhile, I'll think of projects to post to get caught up on documenting crap. I'm not racing CX so there ain't much to talk about on the cycling side. It's been a busy summer and my lack of August post solidifies my belief that the entire month of August should just go away. 85° 6am rides, $350 electrical bills, no holidays, back-to-this and that... Enough already. Perhaps the decay of Autumn will fertilize some thoughts. Yeah.

Above's a pic I took w/an old 4MP camera, holding 8x binoculars in front of the lens and having a steady hand. You can see the crater Tycho and its rays pretty well.

Let the camping weather begin.