Sunday, October 25, 2009

Forty One Morning Glories

It's tough to get motivated on my own to get these pre-dawn (start time) rides in, so it's great to have a great friend & close neighbor that shares a similar obsession with cycling & fitness. Not sure what exactly happened as I rolled up to his house it was dark. No lights on. He's swung by my house too many mornings where he's witnessed the same — my alarm blaring & me sleeping through it — or completely forgetting to set it. Anyway I could tell Joe wouldn't be joining me this morn, so I could turn around and ride the mile back to my house and get some needed sleep or head out into the dark chill and get a few miles in. 

In my head I planned a familiar route, but one we hadn't done in some time. 20-25mi loop around Longview Lake. Well, things felt good after the sun began to peek up. I went off route a bit to throw in a steep, long hill. Then another. Then instead of making a left I decided to go right. It was just so good to be out, the rising sun now beginning to radiate a bit of warmth on my clothes. Legs felt great! My cyclocomputer is fried so I have only in my head an estimate on miles I've put in, but I figured as I rolled close to home that it "felt" like about 30. Google-pedometered my route after I got home and it ended up a little more than 41. 

Bikes fly when you're having fun. See you out there next time, Joe!

A few pics:

$0.00 fill-up!

road camouflage


Tunnel of love. More miles just like this, thankyouverymuch.

Stop & smell the guard rail:

Friday, October 23, 2009

Cometh the Grackles

For the past 3 years, we've had an annual flock of thousands of grackles descend upon out back yard and completely pick clean every last crabapple from our little tree. They are swift and efficient and fantastically noisy... then on their way. 

I think they'll be here soon.

I feel the grackles may be arriving in other aspects of my life as well. I sense a swooping change. Not sure if it's welcome change or something I may resist, but I have this premonition that things are going to get real noisy and real chaotic soon. As always, there will be opportunity within the maelstrom — if anything to just enjoy the spinning for a while. Maybe, like the grackle, I'll use this as a necessary refueling in order to reach another destination.

I'm sure I'll treat this like I always do, and just approach each challenge like a good squirrel would. 

Life's short. Have fun with it.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Air & Space Strategery

Took the family up to Omaha zoo a couple weekends ago and decided to swing by the Strategic Air & Space museum in nearby Ashland, NE. The kids were anxious to get out of the van after 3+ hours, and I, of course, am always excited to look at aircraft of any kind. Jack was impressed by the rockets on display outside the front entrance, then stopped and stared in awe at the SR-71 Blackbird on dramatic static (stratamic?) display immediately as you walk into the front atruim. I'll surely go on a little more about this when I have some time, but I figure I'd start small & work my way up.

There were some cool airfield dioramas that I found some interesting .75" high subjects:

...and continuing with my fascination for small, cute things, I found this little XF-85 Goblin (Parasite - quite a fitting name). It was under a wonderfully massive B-36. Learned a little about it at the museum but my daughter was ready to move on & get out of there. "Boring" was uttered several times. My boy Jack loved every second of it. Fascinating little plane.


More to come later...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hit the Headwind.

Love Autumn for its color. Its temperature. The lengthening shadows & contrast of the low sun angle. But warmish (71°F) days usually come at a price. 


I try to look at headwinds as an opportunity to "pretend" I'm doing a sustained climb, since we really don't have them in this terrain. Fortunately, there are plenty of roadside distractions to keep my mind off the wind & the lactic acid.  Eventually we always get that massive tailwind and our load is dumped and we feel light as a feather. Maybe even get some good reading or thinking done in the meantime. Ahhhhhhh...

Enjoy your ride.

It is right to give Him thanks and glaze.

When a day starts out like this, no subsequent events can ruin it.
Saw another rainbow on the way home. Magically delicious!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Check it out, Mate.

Taking a little break from painting to challenge the brain a bit, but I think my old Mac must be getting stupid. Used to play chess with a dude in our mailroom over our lunch hour, but he's since been fired,  become dependent on gambling, bourbon, heroin & meth and is now taking his Filipino mail-order bride back to her homeland to live (i.e. he's skipping town on his bookies and drug dealers). I guess we all could use a fresh start.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Some of my daughter's work... I'm gonna need to step it up a notch.


Went for a solo ride in the rain last night and then another misty, chilly ride before the sun lifted an eyelid this morning. I love this time to reflect, ponder & meditate about the wonders of the world. 

The feel of the cold water spraying off my front tire onto my shins. 

Pupils dilated & straining to see through the warp-drive streaking drizzle.

The smells of a wood burning stove eating the season's first white oak. 

The muffled sound of leaves crunching under my tires like I'm rolling over al dente corn flakes. 

And cold air has a flavor. It is different in the fall than the same temperature air of spring. I can't describe it. It just tastes good.

Things appear to be dying all around us, but I think they are just now coming to life. 

Enjoy the ride.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's a blog.

Just welcoming into the world another baby blog. Black hair, 660 px and really short. More to come as stuff happens. Go ride yer bike.