Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Air & Space Strategery

Took the family up to Omaha zoo a couple weekends ago and decided to swing by the Strategic Air & Space museum in nearby Ashland, NE. The kids were anxious to get out of the van after 3+ hours, and I, of course, am always excited to look at aircraft of any kind. Jack was impressed by the rockets on display outside the front entrance, then stopped and stared in awe at the SR-71 Blackbird on dramatic static (stratamic?) display immediately as you walk into the front atruim. I'll surely go on a little more about this when I have some time, but I figure I'd start small & work my way up.

There were some cool airfield dioramas that I found some interesting .75" high subjects:

...and continuing with my fascination for small, cute things, I found this little XF-85 Goblin (Parasite - quite a fitting name). It was under a wonderfully massive B-36. Learned a little about it at the museum but my daughter was ready to move on & get out of there. "Boring" was uttered several times. My boy Jack loved every second of it. Fascinating little plane.


More to come later...


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  2. ya never know where it might lead.....