Sunday, October 25, 2009

Forty One Morning Glories

It's tough to get motivated on my own to get these pre-dawn (start time) rides in, so it's great to have a great friend & close neighbor that shares a similar obsession with cycling & fitness. Not sure what exactly happened as I rolled up to his house it was dark. No lights on. He's swung by my house too many mornings where he's witnessed the same — my alarm blaring & me sleeping through it — or completely forgetting to set it. Anyway I could tell Joe wouldn't be joining me this morn, so I could turn around and ride the mile back to my house and get some needed sleep or head out into the dark chill and get a few miles in. 

In my head I planned a familiar route, but one we hadn't done in some time. 20-25mi loop around Longview Lake. Well, things felt good after the sun began to peek up. I went off route a bit to throw in a steep, long hill. Then another. Then instead of making a left I decided to go right. It was just so good to be out, the rising sun now beginning to radiate a bit of warmth on my clothes. Legs felt great! My cyclocomputer is fried so I have only in my head an estimate on miles I've put in, but I figured as I rolled close to home that it "felt" like about 30. Google-pedometered my route after I got home and it ended up a little more than 41. 

Bikes fly when you're having fun. See you out there next time, Joe!

A few pics:

$0.00 fill-up!

road camouflage


Tunnel of love. More miles just like this, thankyouverymuch.

Stop & smell the guard rail:


  1. pretty soon one of you non-biking relatives or friends will ask you, as they've asked me, "don't you ever take a picture without a bike in it?"

    my answer: I try not to.

  2. Right on! Like your snowbike graveyard photo from a while back, I strive to be in the right place at the right time... with camera of course. Love that photo.