Sunday, November 29, 2009

Early resolution

Of course this one is bike-related. Aside from learning web-design and other personal growth blah blah... I have a goal to become a Category 3-level in bicycle racing. I did a couple Cat5 races this summer, felt good & wanted to get more racing in to get my 10 mass-starts in so I can move up to Cat4 where I should be but weekends always seemed to get full of other more important activities. So next year, I will line up at my first races as a 4 and have to earn 20pts in order to make it to 3 before season ends. I think if I stay healthy and launch into spring in the same fitness levels I am ending November with, I'll be good. Been riding with a bunch of Bicycle Shack racers and from seeing their 2009 results it looks like they've been placing well in local races. Time to kick it up a notch and reach the 3s before I turn 40 in a couple years.

Here's me in my tshirt (left; yellow tire; forgot my jersey!) mixin' it up with some young cat fivers in the 2009 Tour of Lawrence campus circuit race. Stinkin' 6th that day because I ran off the road (actually a sidewalk) into the mud while attacking on the last climb. Went from first to sixth pretty fast. Legs felt really good that day, too. Learning experience! 

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