Monday, January 18, 2010


My Christmas present to myself was a pair of winter gloves. Been riding serious for 15 years now, and I'm embarrassed to say it took me this long to "invest" in a pair. I still couldn't get myself to fork up $60+ for some Gore or Pearl Izumi, so I happened upon these on sale (+ another 20% off!). The Louis Garneau Magma split mitten (splittens!) does a fine job of keeping the digits toasty. I wish the liner (Thinsulate) was removable, because the hands tend to get too warm around 40°, but all in all I am pleased with them. Thumb still gets a little chilly since it's left out there by itself, but only when temps get down in the 20°s. 

So two years ago, my buddy Joe & I originally had a rule that we'd roll out on our morning rides if it was 40° or above. Last winter we bumped that down gradually & by the end of winter it was 35° & we still ride. Perhaps when the streets dry off, we can move that down to 30°? 

On second thought, I have a date w/my bike & trainer at 10pm tonight, get wound up for an hour and then go shower & read a bit of Blood Meridian.


  1. what the heck would you do if it got cold, for cripes sakes? ok, biking is colder than xc skiing, I'll give ya that, plus your hands don't get to move around as much to create heat.

  2. blah blah negative forty blah blah uphill blah both ways blaaaaa.... :)