Tuesday, March 16, 2010


As an artist, I get paid to observe. I love to observe, so good for me. I rarely pick a side in a conflict because I usually see both sides. Perhaps I come off as a fence-setter, but I think I get my laid back pacifistic nature from my Father. Next to life, I can't think of a greater gift!

Anyway I was observing the other day on my way home from my bicycle race in Lawrence. I had noticed earlier in the week that I'd rolled 90,000 on my Ford Focus. I'd always wanted to capture the EXACT moment when a car turned 100K, so with this on my mind I started looking at the numbers on the odometer. It's been a year at least since I'd touched the trip odometer, but about 9 miles before this happened I did the math in my head and realized that my odo would reach a palindromic 90109 on the same mile my trip odo hit 899.8 .... The symmetry fascinated me, but what surprised me as I kept glancing at the dash so I wouldn't miss this event, it happened to roll 90106 and 896.8 - which on a digital readout were the same number flopflipped. Coincidence!?! I don't always think so. I think these things happen so often each day - call it alignment or synchronicity or flow or what have you - you just gotta be looking for it and it's always there. Fascinating!!!

Be still for a moment each day and open your eyes and take it all in. Then go ride yer bike!

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