Friday, October 1, 2010


Thinking it's time the kids get a pet of their own. No, not a Zhu Zhu POS - they played with that maybe 15 minutes. Something low budget and small. Fish are high maintenance, and I know I'll be the maintenancer... same with hamsters and gerbils which freak the Mrs out anyway... No, I think I'll get them a bird. Not the birds that will out live me and even them maybe - I mean a pigeon.

My older bro and I each had a pigeon as a pet as kids. My cousin raised them for what I don't know but we got them when young and they were our pets. They were "outside" birds. Mine used to land on my shoulder while I was mowing the lawn on Dad's old Sears rider. His name was Dusty. Our black cat, Coco -- the one with the limp, dead tail because it almost got cut off by the fan blade in the engine bay of the '65 Chevy 3/4T -- ate him.

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