Saturday, December 24, 2011

Festivus got the bestivus

...of me, anyway. Took the $150 Craigslist Univega tandem I got a couple years ago out for it's longest journey yet. Only a planned 25 miles. Weighed before I started was #49lbs... 11 miles in, main synch chain shatters a link and I'm SOL, until I realize I can slam my seatpost down, swivel around and do a Superman stretch by pedaling the rear crankset. Felt like I was on some sort of wheeled proctologist's table. Rode several miles toward home like that then stopped along the road, cracked a can of beer in the 17° wind chill to keep me company until my buddy came and picked me up. I GOT SOME PROBLEMS WITH YOU, BICYCLE!

Ride and air your grievances toward your bike. They can take it.

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