Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Good View

Made it out to Buena Vista for a few days over the Labor Day weekend. Ultimate goal was to be on top of Mt Huron with my good Lady but I took the bike for a little playtime as well. Every day couldn't have been more perfect. Rode the Midland trail just to the east of BV one morning, then hiked to the top of Midland Hill (it's a damn mountain; 9556ft). Ate like champs. Rode the Twin Lakes trail. Soaked in the Mt Princeton hot springs under a bright Blue Moon. Final day hiked to the top of 14,003ft Mt Huron. Weather was spectacular! Light winds and fantastic visibility. Legs are feeling it good, but I am so proud of my wife as she set out this goal many months ago (her first 14er, I'd done Shavano a couple years ago). She ascended like a champ and inspired me to do greater things. This was a Class 2 climb, but noticeably tougher on me than the slighter-pitched Shavano. I can't wait to do more of these hikes with my best friend of 19yrs now (17 married).
Mt Princeton greets the day from across the way
Joe on the north (treeless) side of Twin Lakes loop
Me (midland trail)
Watching the Blue Moon set over Mt Yale
Twin Lakes trail (part of CO Trail/Continental Divide Trail). Fun flowy ride!
More Twin Lakes
Even more Twin Lakes
Me Lady bagging her first 14er - half way up the final pitch
Pano nearing the top - viewing West>North>East (click to enHUGE)
Peering down just below the summit.
Chirping pikas everywhere! No mt goats or bighorn this day, unfortunately.
At the summit looking SW toward (2 of the) Three Apostles. I want to camp by that lake some day.
Relax. Replenish. Reward!

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  1. nice...that shot of the moon has some potential, I'd think.
    the next one is nice as well....got a similar shot in the Aspens in NM a few years ago