Monday, February 3, 2014


This winter's turning out to be a heaping steaming pile of stink. Getting at least one ride in per week at least. Saturday was like riding over a giant bowl of frosted All Bran™. Louder than any gravel ride, but still nice to get out in mid 20°s to slide over grasscicles. Upside was that the ice filled in the existing horse-hoof depressions and smoothed out the tracks much better than last time. Wore Huck out good with his favorite toy just before his first puppy class. Surprise - we were invited back! He didn't kill the 4lb miniature dachshund. The instructor let pups have a free for all to establish pack placement, and it was interesting to see Huck and Remy (a Aus Shepherd of equal-size) gravitate to each other and wrestle it out for dominance. They were the largest 2 pups in class, and didn't go after the littler pups other than the traditional butt check or play bow. He's gonna be a good boy.

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