Monday, May 31, 2010


I'm not really sure if you can consider it a comeback if you never quite reached the back to come to, so I will call this chapter of life my "comeforth". I never attained my year's goal on the bike of category-ing up to 3s, but I must admit right before my deer accident I had been riding better than in all of my 15 years of amateur cycling. I gave racing a go in several of those early years - mainly mountain bike racing - but always experienced a minor setback with injury or time or money constraints. Then kids came along and energy was devoted to more important things. I'm lucky all my injuries were minor and after the hip bruise swelling subsided I am back on the trainer. Summertime trainer sessions have their pros & cons - yeah it's awesome to set up on the patio and feel the breeze and listen to birds and absorb some vitamin D, but it's still a trainer. Fortunately, no deer have jumped my fence. But I'm focused on my original goal again and just may have to do it a little later during the cyclocross season. I may have a new Edwin Cycles SS CX built up by then, or I'll use a Surly Cross Check frame I acquired. Those details are trivial to me now, I will just be glorified to be back on two wheels!

So whatever your personal goals are for the year, I wish you a successful comeforth.

Ride yer trainer!


  1. Been a lot more dead deer along the roads this spring compared to a number of years past.
    My wife and I almost smacked one this last weekend in in the Heep, missed it by inches. I Have the grill guard mounted and it saved me early this spring on a glancing blow going about 45, would have been interesting what would have happened at 70 with a full on side hit.
    After a couple 100 milers this spring my legs seem to be in good shape compared to other years. No races till July though....

  2. My BIL told me of a couple that hit a deer with their motorcycle last weekend near where he lives in eastern WI. They both died. Tragic.