Friday, February 26, 2010

Cyclocross train-ing starts tomorrow

Ha! First road race of the year tomorrow with the Spring Fling series. I have no idea about my level of fitness other than I know it could be better or could be worse. It's gonna be cold. It's gonna be fast. My plan is to hop the train & not work any more than I have to & feel out the Cat 4 field. Hopefully I'll have enough to reel in any break attempts and then save a few watts in the legs for the final stretch. Report to come...


Don't know why these things always happen on a planned race day, but I was in the ER at 2am this morning with my boy watching some short track speed skating recast. He came up into our room whining and wanting to take his tshirt off and we discovered he was broke out in rash & hives all over. ER said it was likely the virus he's fighting & not anything topical or ingested, but we hadn't seen that before. So no big deal missing a race, Jack is doing well despite another breakout at 8am this morning. They go back down as fast as they pop up. I got lots of paintings to work on anyways... !

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  1. now ya know why I started my "career" so late in my life....had to raise the kids first.

    Hope Jr. is ok.