Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mixte-ing it up

I've done several covers for Dirt Rag Magazine over the years, but my first cover for Bicycle Times hit the mail the other day. I think the art director did a fantastic job on text color (get your own copy to see the final!) — too many times with a light background we're tempted to use DARK text — but this is soft, still legible and allows the subject to "ride" out at you. Speaking of light background, the original was done a little darker in the 50% gray range. The art director and I discussed before hand how it would be nice to have the option of screening out the background to control levels, so I painted somewhere in the middle just in case it was decided on to go light or darker & stormy... I'm glad they went with this option.

April showers = May flowers. February frigidness = March madness. I'm about to lose it if I don't get outside soon and ride my bicycle.

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  1. nice job...will have to find the mag. moving back to our house, selling the condo...will have to see how much wall space we have. ;-)