Monday, February 8, 2010


Still finishing up a fun project for some bicycle tour entrepreneurs in central PA. Here's a sketch tease... of course she will be riding a bicycle. The goat, on the other hand, has a mind & dialogue of his own, and loves the taste of red Jandd panniers.

Also coming up FAST... Kansas City's version of the Tweed Ride. I'll be creating a painting that will become the poster! Quick turnaround on that project, but the ride's in April so promos have to get out soon. I scored my attire this weekend at John Knox Village's thrift store. A dandy jacket, vest & slacks (I'll convert to knickers), and a great pair of $2 leather oxfords that will match my Brooks saddle perfectly! I think I spent $15 total. Get to your local thrift store and stock up on $3 tweed jackets & ivy caps! More info to come on the ride...

As far as my training for race season goes, I finally got outside for a ride this weekend and worked on some sprintervals out on a dead end road near my home. No traffic also meant no snow removal services so I had to navigate a few lingering snow patches. I still found a good clean, slightly inclined stretch to get good 300yd sprints in. Legs are feeling great. Hopefully I'll start the season out finishing in the upper Cat4s so I can reach the 3s before end of season! First race is three weeks away, says the groundhog. 

Go ride yer bike!

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  1. looks like you're getting busy, in a lot of ways.